Here's what past clients are saying:

Tasha is an amazing doula and person. My boyfriend and I are so thankful to have had her there with us for the birth of our first child. We were both nervous and she brought a huge sense of calm especially for me when I would’ve otherwise probably had been freaking out. The amount of time and the quality of her help is beyond words or 5 stars. She helped us iron out a birth plan, helped answer any questions or concerns we had and provided great resources for further information and most importantly she made sure the hospital followed our wishes. I was in labor for 58 hours and she was there with us the entire time. We had 2 prenatal visits with her and one post partem. she came highly recommended by a friend and as soon as i met her and started talking to her I felt at ease and was comfortable with her and she was someone who i could trust. I am grateful to have been able to have Tasha there to help us and be part of our birth experience. Thanks tasha :)
— Katie
Tasha played such an instrumental role in the birth of our daughter - we are so grateful we had her as our doula.

From our first meeting, we knew her kindness and gentle nature would be a wonderful energy to have in our home. We felt very reassured by her knowledge and experience, not only as a doula but also as a mother of two herself. Since we were having a home birth, I was especially excited to meet a doula with first-hand experience having had a homebirth herself.

For my husband, it was important to find a doula who could offer help and guidance but not take away from his participation during the labor. Knowing our preferences, Tasha provided the perfect blend of support, touch and reassurance for everyone.

After the birth she checked in with us several times and was available to answer any questions I had.

We recommend her wholeheartedly. When we have more children, we will definitely have Tasha by our side.
— Rochelle
What can we say about Tasha? She is fabulous. We interviewed other doulas, some who had more experience than her, but her warm vibe struck us right off the bat and eventually we decided she had to be the one. She is also a mom herself, so that made us feel as if we certainly had much to gain from her personal experiences. For her fee, Tasha’s basic services in addition to being present for the labor, go above and beyond:

* She met with us twice prior to the birth to advise us, educate us, discuss our birth preferences, and even covered breast-feeding.
* She always promptly replied to any of our emails and texts with great input.
* After the birth (more on that later) she came for one more visit in order to check in and answer any further questions.

The birth itself was an incredible experience and Tasha’s expertise, relaxation techniques and calm demeanor certainly helped with that. It was our preference to go with a natural birth with as little intervention as possible and she helped make that happen for us. We woke her up at 3:00am and she promptly made her way over to our place providing mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be with support, helping to make the labor process as smooth as possible. She stayed with us until our little daughter joined us and latched onto momma. She even took a ton of pictures while we were in our own little world throughout the birth. Thank you!!!
— Andy
Tasha provided my husband and I our in home childbirth education classes. My partner travels a 2x a month and so finding a CBE class that fit into our schedule was very challenging. When I contacted Tasha to do our private in home classes, I knew she was the perfect person for the job.
She asked me various questions on our birthing plans and created a customized course specific to our needs. As a doula myself, I feel my knowledge base is pretty vast when it comes to birthing, etc. So I mainly wanted the class for my husband. Well I must say over our 2day class, which was broken up into hours that didn’t make it feel like information overload, I learned a wealth of knowledge from her wonderful presentation. It was great because not only did we get a mixture of evidence based research, but we also got to benefit from her personal experience as a mother and learn additional tips and tricks when it came to cloth diapering and weaning.
I was especially impressed by the information Tasha presented us on Lotus birth. As my husband was still torn on whether he was ok with doing a non-severance of the umbilical cord—-we asked for special education on this topic. With her Midwifery training it couldn’t have been more perfect because she provided us with a detailed understanding of the pros and cons and ultimately my partner agreed to do the Lotus birth thanks to her thorough research.

Did I mention she pulled our class together within a matter of days! As we were quickly approaching my due date and had missed our last group CBE class opportunity. Tasha came in and supported us when we most needed it and at a very affordable price too! She even came and checked on me after the birth of our baby and her wisdom and kind heart continued to bless our family. I am so very grateful I had such a wonderful teacher for our CBE.
— Princess
Our experience with Tasha was amazing. She was recommended to us by another doula that was out of town around the time I was due. As a first time mom, I had no idea what was ahead of me. Tasha was there through every step of the way. My labor was really long but Tasha came to my house at 1AM to help guide me through the pain and was great support. She is very patient and has a passion for what she does. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She is very informative and does not judge you for any decision you make. I was almost induced because the hospital said I was not dilating fast enough and Tasha told my husband and I that we don’t HAVE to do what they say. She helped us with our rights and gave us the pros and cons to all the options we had. My husband and I do not know what we would do without Tasha. She was always quick to respond to questions before and after birth. When we were at the hospital she was there to guide us through birth and helped our newborn get his first latch. She made sure the nurses and doctors were clear of what was in my birth plan And even helped us take pictures. I highly recommend Tasha to everyone giving birth regardless of the circumstances. She is truly amazing and we are so blessed to have shared the best moment of our lives with her. We can’t thank her enough for everything!!
— Anne
My husband and I are so thankful to have found Tasha as our doula. From the movement she came to meet us at our home in Topanga we knew she was a match. Tasha offered a wealth of knowledge and experience as a doula, prenatal and postnatal self care, plus an open non-judge mental heart and mind to the kind of labor and birthing I envisioned. During my last trimester especially, I counted on her for emotional support as well. I felt like she was my advocate in my corner to empower my choices and wishes. My due date came and went. Then I had a small rupture in my amniotic fluid and my OB/GYN ordered me straight to the hospital to start pitocin and internal monitoring. I was worried and scared and I had to throw my “no-drugs, all natural, labor at home” birth plan out the window. Tasha met us at the hospital and helped me through every contraction alongside my husband and mom. She helped a ton with pain management!! We had the dream team! I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful 8.5 lb baby boy. I am so thankful for her support. We hope to have her with us again for for baby 2.
— Jolieba
Working with Tasha would not be the right way to phrase it, it never felt like work! Although we had just met; Tasha made it feel like we had been friends for years, and were now coming together to partake on a new adventure together. And that is just what we did. Tasha would go out of her way to spend lengthy visits with us when she would come over, and talk to us about everything under the sun. We shared snacks, stories, and Tasha shared her wisdom with us on all matters. It was so great to have Tasha to ask questions to, and have hugs and smiles during our pregnancy. And throughout our birth journey it was amazing to have the support of Tasha, she was able to comfort me during my peak of labor, and at the same time help my husband figure out how to fill the birthing pool. Somehow she was in both rooms at once it seemed, incredibly balanced.She held my whole body up so I could stay in the position I needed, awesome! The birth was beautiful, and so was Tasha’s help, encouragement, and support. Tasha Boyd, our Doula for life.
— Heather
Tasha was a beacon of light throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. Before hiring her, my husband and I met with her and we both instantly felt comfortable and confident with our decision to hire her. She is very confident and personable—someone who I could see successfully helping me get through a natural birth both physically and emotionally. Even though I ended up having to be induced, it was because of her that I had a “gentle” induction with much fewer interventions. A few reasons why we hired her: she was more affordable then some other doulas, she had a lot of experience at our hospital (Cedars), and she comes with much more knowledge than other doulas as she is studying to become a midwife. I also liked that she spaced out her clients to avoid having to miss a birth. I texted/emailed/called her numerous times about so many issues before and even months after and she was always happy to take the time to give me answers and advice. Her huge amount of resources (books, DVDs, etc.) were so helpful too. Tasha also referred me to excellent colleagues in her network (lactation consultant, acupuncturist, etc). I know there are so many doulas in LA and it can be a daunting decision, but Tasha is a shining gem in the vast amount of choices.
— Whitney
I really don’t know what I would have done without Tasha. She is a kind, knowledgable, approachable, gentle and extremely helpful person—great qualitites for a doula. She was understanding of our birth plan and always available at any time for any questions. The night I went into labor, she was amazing. She was physically and emotionally present when I needed her and she was hands-on without being intrusive. She was encouraging and supportive throughout my entire labor and delivery. Having her there helped take some of the pressure off of my partner to take care of everything. And Tasha had to take care of a lot; by the time the midwife arrived, I was complete! I don’t think it is actually possible to sufficiently give enough gratitude for having her as part of my “birth team.” I believe that Tasha has definitely found her true calling as a doula. I would highly recommend her to anyone that asked. We hope to expand our family and, without a doubt, I want Tasha to be there.
— Anne
When my wife and I found out we were going to have a baby, she came to me and said she wanted to hire a doula. My immediate reaction was “a what?”

I’m not sure I fully understood the breadth of support a doula could provide a pair of first time parents like us, until Tasha invited us to spend a Saturday afternoon with her and a small handful of her other clients. These parents were more than just Tasha’s clients. They had become her friends. She was practically part of their families. I knew at that moment (if I hadn’t already), that my wife and I were going to have a great experience with her.

We are from the east coast and came to LA so that I could attend graduate school. My wife and I have virtually no local family, and we live on a very tight budget. Tasha went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were well prepared for parenthood and our experience from pregnancy through delivery was smooth & memorable.

Throughout my wife’s entire pregnancy, Tasha was available 24/7 to answer questions and dispense useful advice. When our son was born, Tasha was there every step of the way.

My wife’s delivery was not any easy one, and Tasha really helped us both get through it. We highly recommend her services—especially for first time parents.
— Jake
Tasha assisted us with the birth of our first son last July. When I first met her, I instantly felt a connection. I was looking for a knowledgeable and energetic person to assist me during that one special day. She did so much more.
She helped us before, during and after the birth, always available to give a good advice.
Being a busy working mother-to-be she helped me with planning the birth and even took the time to write the birth plan for me. Working with her was great, Tasha really guided both my husband and I through all the steps and possible scenarios, and we never felt rushed - she literally met with us for hours at a time before birth.
The day I went into labor she joined us home and was instrumental in choosing the right moment to go to the hospital.
Although nothing that day went as planned (does it ever??), we felt safe and confident by having her there with us. She really went above and beyond to make the experience positive, from bringing ice chips to massaging my legs and help me meditate and relax. She even took pictures for us since we somehow managed to leave our camera home! It was such an amazing day, an exceptionally gratifying experience thanks to Tasha’s help.
At the very beginning of my pregnancy, I was really indecisive as to whether I would need a doula or not but I am so happy I chose to have one and so lucky I got to work with Tasha!
— Carole
Having Tasha as our doula was one of the best choices we could’ve made. Her kind, gentle, generous and non-judgemental support was perfect for my husband and I, especially with me having a high risk pregnancy. She was always available for any questions or concerns, or if I needed to just talk about my feelings. As a mother herself, she knows all about pregnancy and birth firsthand. She was consistently sensitive, loving and nurturing to me and my husband - who was becoming a first time father.

She had so many resources to offer; from books and videos to borrow, to progressive research literature and referrals for amazing birthing classes. My husband and I literally went from being ignorant and scared about our impending hospital birth, to becoming well versed, armed and educated about our rights. Tasha helped us to make a birth plan for our desire to have a natural labor with little to no intervention, to ensure we would have our birth wishes respected.

With her invaluable support, we felt adequately prepared when delivery day came. I was able to labor at home comfortably for as long as possible, with Tasha and my husband keeping tabs on my contractions. When it was time to go to the hospital, Tasha got there before we did, ready and armed with the birthing tools we planned to use. My OB, who ended up missing the birth, and the nursing staff, did not fully honor my birth plan and attempted to make me wait over an hour mid-labor until the OB could get there. Had I allowed the staff to “stall my natural labor”, I believe I would’ve inevitably needed intervention. With Tasha’s support, we felt empowered to stand by our wishes and not allow ourselves to be bullied by the hospital and staff into unnecessary measures contrary to what we wanted for our natural birthing experience.

My labor and delivery was fast, natural and went exactly the way my husband and I wanted. We attribute a huge part of that to Tasha for, educating, empowering, nurturing and escorting us along our pregnancy journey. I consider her a friend and would definitely use her again and highly recommend her.
— Miatta
I can not say enough wonderful things about our experience with Tasha! She sat with me & massaged me for hours and hours! She applied counter pressure during the contractions, reminded me to breathe, brought essential oils & tea light candles to make the room more relaxing. She even brought her rebozo which I loved!
She sat on my wet bathroom floor with me as I was laboring in the tub for hours! She counted for me while I was pushing and motivated me by telling me how much hair my little man had. She took pictures of the birth & even came by after my son was born to show me how to use the pump! Then she was always available for me when I texted or called with my millions of new mama questions! Day or night, even weekends she was there with tons of helpful information and suggestions! We laughed & cried together and I am forever grateful to her for being there during my son’s journey into this world!
— Jazzmine
Tasha was lovely and wonderful to work with. She really made me feel so comfortable asking a million questions and was available anytime. I had a complicated birth and she was there every step of the way all night until my son was born. She even got some great pictures for us. She brought us soup to the post natal meeting which was amazing since it was so hard to cook in those first few weeks and she offered us up some advice. I will never forget her and highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting a doula.
— Marisol
Tasha is a local mama in my community and colleague. I highly recommend her services. She is deeply rooted in authenticity and brings such safety and love into all of her work. She supports the mother in the most beautiful way and holds such sacred space for birth. I love that she works with any birth from home to hospital and natural birth to cesarean birth. It takes a special doula/educator to work with cesarean mothers and she is top doula for this kind of birth.
— Kelly
Tasha was my doula for the recent birth of my first child. From the first time we spoke on the phone, Tasha had a kind, radiant energy that I was immediately drawn to. With our birth doula package we had 2 pre-birth visits, her services through the entire birthing time (L&D) and a follow-up appointment. Tasha provided incredible physical, emotional and mental support to both me and my husband for nearly 20 hours. She truly put our needs before anything else. She was great in showing my husband how to connect with me during our birthing time and constantly talked me through each and every contraction, keeping me focused and calm. She provided different options for natural induction and ways to naturally cope with each contraction. I am so sincerely grateful to Tasha for her compassionate support throughout the entire process - I could not have gotten through it mentally without her. After our birth, Tasha has been wonderful in checking up a few times a week to see how we are doing, and has answered many questions I’ve had about breastfeeding, bonding, and general health. I HIGHLY recommend Tasha and intend to keep in touch with her. Tasha is an amazing doula and a truly wonderful woman. Thanks for everything Tasha!
— Mica