Home Birth Midwifery Care

Your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care matter to us! We believe that birth is normal and that it unfolds best when there is a relationship of trust between the birthing person and the care provider. We offer family centered care, your partner and any older children are always welcomed. We strive to offer inclusive care for all pregnant people and follow evidence-informed care, shared decision making and informed consent. 

  • Your care includes comprehensive prenatal, labor/birth and postpartum care

  • Your birth will be attended by a team of 2-3, including a Licensed midwife and an assistant (a second licensed midwife or a skilled assistant).

  • Prenatal care appointments are scheduled for 1 hour which gives plenty of time for you to ask questions, receive thorough answers and engage in meaningful discussions relevant to your pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods. Visits follow the standard schedule: 1 visit per month until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks, and then weekly until you give birth. 

    During your visits we will assess the health of you and your baby. We will also provide holistic care that includes nutrition, lifestyle, stress reduction, exercise and natural remedies for varies pregnancy discomforts. We include routine lab work such as blood draws and cultures that are typical of prenatal care which may be billed to your insurance. 

  • Labor, birth and newborn care on your big day. You will be in touch with me during early labor and we will decide when it is best for me to join you. In addition to the birth kit that you order prenatally, I bring all necessary medical equipment needed for your birth. During labor I will monitor you and your baby intermittently to ensure that all is well as you progress through labor. You will have the freedom to move around and birth in the position that you choose. After birth I will assess you and your baby in the immediate postpartum. Provide breastfeeding support and complete newborn exam, which is performed within a few hours of the birth.

  • Postpartum and newborn care after your birth. Postpartum care for the birthing person and for the newborn is included through six weeks following birth. Postpartum visits take place 24-48 hours after birth, 3-7 days, 3 weeks and 6 weeks.  Newborn check-ups and weight checks occur during postpartum visits, as well. All newborn standard screens are offered including the California Metabolic Screening. Breastfeeding support is provided or referral is given when appropriate. We discuss transitioning and adjustment as a family adjustments. Screen for postpartum depression and mood disorders. Discuss family planning and offer a PAP smear when appropriate.

Waterbirth At Home

Many of our clients choose to give birth in the water. We provide a tub to you at no additional cost. All you need to do is select the “water birth option” when you order your birth kit prior to your birthing time. Some of the benefits of a water birth include: water is a natural pain reliever and promotes relaxation, less likely to have tearing, greater feelings of well-being and control, gentle birth experience, allows for ease of movement and positional change and lastly most birthing people who have birthed in water state that they would do it again!